Lowongan Bank Syariah Mandiri Februari 2011

Established since 1999, BSM has in fact appeared as blessings and a morale learnt from the 1997-1998 economic and monetary crisis. As is known, the economic and monetary crisis, followed by multi-dimension crisis including in the national politics, has massively affected all aspects of public life, not an exception to business matters. Under such a condition, the conventional banksdominated banking industry suffered from the worst crisis. The government finally took action by restructuring and recapitalizing the banks in Indonesia.

We need a proactive person and like working with people or support others to succeed. They are proud of the work and the results of their work, and have the integrity, accuracy and self-actualization.

Bank Syariah Mandiri invites banking professionals to fill the position:

Training Specialist (Kredit/Pembiayaan)
(Jakarta Raya)
  • Having experience min. 2 years in the same field
  • Having experience in the field of credit / financing in banking
  • Having the ability to develop training programs, ranging from TNA, curriculum, modules, until the evaluation

Training Specialist (Sales & Service)
(Jakarta Raya)
  • Having experience min. 2 years in the same field
  • Having experience in the financial industry, particularly banking and insurance as a sales / marketing
  • Having the ability to develop training programs ranging from TNA, curriculum, modules, until the evaluation
  • Preference will be given a certified NLP training or other certification

IT Helpdesk
(Jakarta Raya)
  • 1 year experience in the banking world as an IT Helpdesk
  • Maximum age 26 years
  • Education min. D3

Quality Assurance
(Jakarta Raya)
  • S1 all the majors
  • Age max. 30 years
  • Having the experience of student organizations
  • Understanding the basics of human resource management, especially HR Audit
  • Experience min. 2 years as Quality Assurance
  • Understanding the knowledge ofabout standard ISO 9001:2008
  • Master computer (Ms. Office)

(Jakarta Raya)
  • Fresh Graduate
  • Having attractive appearance
  • Education min. D3 from all majors
  • GPA min. 3:00

Pelaksana Keuangan & Administrasi
(Jakarta Raya)
  • Age max. 25 years
  • S1 Accounting, GPA min. 2,75
  • Experience min. 1 year at KAP
  • Having an understanding of taxation, preferably have a certificate Brevet A & B
  • Understanding the simple administration
  • Hard worker, able to work under pressure and able to quickly learn
  • Able to work independently as well as team

Pelaksana Kompetensi & Asesmen
(Jakarta Raya)
  • S1 Psychology (Industrial and Organizational Psychology)
  • Have good administration skills
  • A basic knowledge and competency assessment
  • Master computer (Ms. Office, especially Ms.. Excel)
  • Having a good working resistance (endurance)

Online Application
For those interested, please apply online in these following link below:
TSK   TSS   IT   QA   Front   PKAdm   PKAss